ADA Pets Finder 3.00

ADA Pets Finder 3.00: In ADA Pets Finder, find and swap pets to get scores Pets Finder, an easy game with lovely pets, easygoing menu style takes you endless joy. ADA Pets Finder is to score as many points as possible by swapping pets to create sets. Click the two neighboring pets can change their places. If there has three or more than three pets in a line (row) after changing, all these pets will be found and player gets scores. You must create a valid set of three or more identical pets with each move, or the pets will

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pets, each color of bubbles corresponding to a certain pet food. Come and help fairies to feed pets quickly. The four successive bubbles of the same color in a row can be eliminated, and any kind of such arrangement can work. With the level growing higher, the number of pets will increase accordingly, and more and more pets will come out with the speed of falling bubbles getting faster and faster. This is a multiple-level game. The levels of the

multiple level game, mods and scenarios game, lovely small game, angel pets

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Pets Connect 2.5

This is a time based challenging puzzle game where you need to concentrate hard to find pairs of matching pets to make them disappear. You must create a path between the two matching pets but make sure that the path is not blocked by any other pets.

matching, freeware, pets, game, online

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PetSite 1.0

PetSite v1.0 is a multi-browser compatible perl script that quickly and easily permits you to set up and maintain an extensive and well organized pet directory under Windows or Linux with a minimum of effort on your part. PetSite v1.0 is highly flexible and completely generic so that it can be used by virtually anyone with very little modification. It is also fully customizable. PetSite v1.0 was painstaking designed from the ground up to be both

portals, cats, pets, databases, fish, perl, horses, animals, scripts, dogs

Global Pets 2002 1.0: Fun and Educational Virtual Pet Software with great graphics and many features!
Global Pets 2002 1.0

pets, you will love this! Global Pets 2002 is a fun and educational virtual pet simulation for people of all ages. It includes basic educational games for you to play with your pet, but that`s not all. Global Pets 2002 has taken virtual pet games to the next level. We at Mezaman, LLC have taken the basic virtual pet idea, grown on it and developed a new type of virtual pet simulation. Now there is a world of different virtual pet creatures, different

neopet, pets, kids, virtual, buddy, cyber, tamagotchi, pokemon, animal

Freetrix 1.4: Freetrix is a bright, cheerful, and unbelievably addictive Tetris-like game.
Freetrix 1.4

pets. You need to fill it to go to the next level. While playing the game, try to fill the combo bar to increase the score multiplier. The bigger the score multiplier, the higher you`ll score each time you rescue a pet. What`s more, as you proceed from one level to another more and more new pets appear in the game. You meet such cute pets as the bouncy frog, the cuddly piggy, the grumpy wolf and others. To rescue pets quickly you have 7 color bonuses

bright, free, game, animals, cheerful, cute, tetris, family

Polly Pride Pet Detective 1.0: Hidden object mayhem keeps the missing pets out of plain sight as you join Polly
Polly Pride Pet Detective 1.0

With a mysterious new cosmetic factory opening in town, Polly the Pet Detective is on the ready when the town`s pets go missing. Everyone assumes the worst and it`s Polly`s job to right the wrongs and get the pets back to their frantic owners! Hidden object mayhem keeps the pets out of plain sight as you join Polly in her detective work. Look carefully through 96 unique scenes jam-packed with the wildest objects. You never know where one of the 9

object, polly, polly pride pet detective, play polly pride pet detective, detective, game, pride, hidden, download

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